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Tophatter Clone Script

  (News Date: 15/06/2021)
Now available is our Tophatter Clone Script, based upon the very popular Tophatter website.... More

New Page Builder / CMS creation

  (News Date: 15/06/2021)
Build your pages in a Wix type way. Easy to use Pge Builder to create your own design and layout for all pages. Bust oout of the clone. Use with Our Easy to Use Design Suite CSS editor to create a stunning, immersive online presence. In fact this sales... More

Secure Global Pay

  (News Date: 15/06/2021)
We are pleased to announce that we can now offer payment services from Secure Global Pay. A provider that offers services to so called risky Ecommerce and Auction Websites ... More

Add your own links

  (News Date: 15/06/2021)
You can now add your own custom links to the footer and header menu. Promote your other stores on Ebay, Amazon etc.. Link to special auctions.... More

New Accounting and Business Integrations Added

  (News Date: 15/06/2021)
We now offer a full suite of Accounting and CRM / Business Integrations including Quickbooks, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoom, Twillio and other integrations. Easily manage your business, customers, employees and financials with tools you already use.... More

Achieve better website rankings

  (News Date: 15/06/2021)
Our Penny Auction Software, CMS software, CRM Software and Shopping cart software, easily beats all of our competitors on speed and SEO performance ... More

Advanced security

  (News Date: 15/06/2021)
Our Penny Auction, Ecommerce, CMS nd other software is capable of using extremely restrictive Content Security Policies. With proper content security policies Cross Site Scripting attacks are entirely impossible. Your and your visitor's privacy is important... More

Free 2 Week Trial

  (News Date: 15/06/2021)
We offer a free two week trial before you buy. We can use your domain or a sub domain on our servers. Unfortunately we do not offer email, SSL or other services under this agreement.... More

Why is this a better penny auction software?

  (News Date: 26/08/2021)
We use better technology primarily, but also rather than using redundant database queries for things like settings. We use page caching on the backend to speed up load times. Also page and css gets loaded from cache(if enabled) when a user is logged out,... More

A better Worpress or Drupal Auction Website than any other

  (News Date: 27/08/2021)
We use an advanced API, you can use all of the features and benefits of our advanced system within your Wordpress, Drupal or other CMS system with just a few lines of code...in fact the auctions on this page are loaded from our DEMO SERVER... More