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We look forward to discussing your Penny Auction Website ideas with you.Every client has their own ideas and we enjoy writing custom Auction Code, nothing is too complex for us.We get excited about all of our clients ideas, in fact it is the best part of our job...we love to share in your excitement


Auction Clones include

  • Quibids Clone Script
  • Orange Bids Clone Script
  • Dealdash Clone Script
  • Upbids Clone Script
  • Madbidz Clone Script
  • Exhibia Clone Script
  • Bidknight Clone Script
  • Coinhawk Clone Script
  • Tophatter Clone Script
  • Tumbledeal Clone Script

Penny Auction Bidding Software Features


  • Dashboard includes white labeled Excel Sheets along with Easy to understand graph reports.
  • Easily integrates with Quickbooks, Salesforce, Hubspot and many other third party tools
  • javascript API to include auctions on other websites or blogs
  • More than just Penny Auctions, we also support Traditional / Ebay style Auctions. Tophatter Auctions. Tumbledeal Auctions. And Clearance Auuctions.
  • Shopping cart system upgrade available
  • Category Management The admin can manage (add, edit or delete) categories and search for categories either by name or ID.
  • Auctions Management Admin can add, edit or delete auctions and search for them by name, status, type and ID.The admin can also copy the same auction as well as look into their bidding history and other details.
  • Auctions Report/Delivery Admin can see the report of the winning auction or the details of the winner.The admin can change the auction's pending status to delivery from this section.
  • Member Management The admin can either add, edit or delete users or search for their status, name and ID.The admin can also see user's bidding & transaction history.
  • CMS The admin can add, edit or delete any of the site content such as Help, FAQ, Privacy Policy and so on.
  • Site Statistics The admin can view the website's report and export the report in CSV format.
  • Time Zone Setting The admin can set his country's time zone, currency and other locale setting from this section.
  • Special Offer/Promotion Management
  • Time The admin can set special offers and bonuses to promote their website.Bonus codes will have a set time limit.You have done your research and heard bad stories about other e-commerce platforms, and are concerned about buying from a reputable source.Well we have your back.With free upgrades, a guaranty that is best in business and the longest trial period that we have ever seen.Try it for 14 days risk free on on e of our servers...and when you are ready deploy to your own server, or you can choose one of our hosted solutions.

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How do I start a Penny Auction Website?

Your options for building a penny auction site are numerous.

1) you can hire a team of developers and spend weeks even months developing just the basic features of a penny auction app.

2) You can purchase a penny auction bidding app from one of our competitors and hope that it is secure and can handle the high demands of a busy website. and then hire your own developers to add the features and integrations that we offer.

3) Spend a fraction of the time and money and get the features and technology you need right out of the box by purchasing our software
What makes our Penny Auction Software the best?


Websockets are a way of sending data between the server and users in real time. The connection stays open the whole time a user is connected so unlike AJAX scripts there is no need to reconnect. This reduces issues with latency and server overhead.


NodeJS is a super fast super efficient way of connecting to a database and serving data. Mush faster than PHP and more secure.


CodeIgniter is a modern PHP / Model View Controller framework. We use it to serve files to the browser but only after we strip out comments, new lines and extra whitespace and then compress the file so that the page size is smaller and the page loads quickly. Our pages usually load in under 2 seconds. We also implement caching of your sitesettings. This means no database lookups that might slow the page from rendering.
What are the pitfalls of running a Penny Auction Website?


Chargebacks are the number one issue with running a Penny Auction or any Ecommerce Shopping Cart or Market Place website. In this regard we have you covered with highly configurable Two Factor authentication and confirmation.

Our Two Factor Authentication system

Can be implemented nearly anywhere that security or confirmation needs to occur. The challenge code can be random or if configured for your website then a user's PIN number can be used.

Accounting Software

Our software ties into Quickbooks so you can always get an advanced view of your profits and expenses.
What should I know about running a Penny Auction, Ecommerce, Shopping Cart or MarketPlace Website?

Is this a get rich quick scheme?

Absolutely not, expect to put in a substantial amount of time when you run your own Auction or Ecommerce Business. Time spent on marketing, procuring and finding users, products and vendors.

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