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Why is this a better penny auction software?

  (News Date: 08/26/2021)
We use better technology primarily, but also rather than using redundant database queries for things like settings. We use page caching on the backend to speed up load times. Also page and css gets loaded from cache(if enabled) when a user is logged out, thus producing page load speeds which are often under 1 second.
Also our templates are completely unique looking yet easy to change, the core program loads a master CSS file and then a sub file for major groups(quibids, pas, well-known, competitors and full width)...then a sub template if required, then if a theme is used a theme file and finally it loads a custom css file(if available specific to your website. All of these files are minified and if cache is enabled served from there, if not it still loads fast because it is forcibly gzip compressed before being sent to the browser...guarentying fast page loads